Do not vote for sleeping dullards and Zombies – Mao tells Jinja

Nobert Mao

Former presidential candidate, Norbert Mao has asked all the people in Jinja to vote wisely and send people to parliament who will represent them instead of sleeping during plenary.

Mao said that the president has shown that he is not interested in the views that the legislators present in parliament and that is why he is campaigning and persuading voters to vote for people who are dormant and inactive.

“While campaigning for (or is it against?) the NRM candidate in the Jinja Municipality East by election, Museveni has reaffirmed his vision of a parliament full of sleeping dullards and zombies who leave their brains in the parliamentary parking lot. Jinja begs to differ!” Mao wrote.

Mao further adds that the statement made by the president should open the eyes of the voters in Jinja to know who is willing to work for them and present their views in parliament and the one who wants to get into parliament ad focus on his needs.

Mao was prompted to say this after the president asked the NRM supporters in Jinja to vote for ailing or even sleepy NRM MP who will votes for NRM programs instead of an active opposition legislator

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