Museveni calls for investment in Africa

Museveni has asked investors to extend their business ideas and investments to Africa because it is a profitable place for any kind of business.

While speaking at the 4th global #AEO2018Kampala conference hosted by URA Uganda at Kampala Serena hotel where officiated the conference, President Museveni has informed investors that Africa is now awake to fully participate in global trade and should not be isolated.

“Africa hasn’t been part of the global trade due to problems like slave trade, lack of unity and poor leadership. But it has now woken up. Africa is going into the industrial age and digital revolution, so, Africa will now participate in global trade,” he said.

Museveni has also convinced the investors and all those present at the conference that Africa has nothing preventing it from participating in any revolutions since it has managed to solve its problems.

“Africa missed out on the industrial and other revolutions. We are now ready and will participate fully in any new revolutions,” Museveni assured the investors.

Museveni also used the conference as a platform to promote Uganda’s tourism by informing the participants about how the country is one of the three spots in the world where the equator passes through a high altitude terrain. He also invited the participants to tour the country.

“The climate here is good for humans. Where you are is at the Equator. One of the three countries that are situated at the Equator, yet have the highest altitude. Don’t miss out on the tourism aspect,” he said.

The Global AEO Conference is aimed at creating a platform for all to see and appreciate the work being done by URA Uganda some of which includes many trade facilities that have been created and are now internationally recognized. Uganda is the first African country to host the conference.

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