Rather vote sleepy NRM MPs instead of active opposition – Museveni

Museveni and Nabeeta

As we count hours ahead of the highly anticipated Jinja East by-election, President Museveni threw the country in shock when he said Ugandans should vote the ruling party lawmakers at all costs.

Speaking during Igeme Nabeeta’s final rally in Massese, Museveni said that sick and sleepy NRM MP is far better than an active opposition MP since even when sleepy can be woken up to vote for government programs.

“Please do not support the Opposition. They do not help in our cause to fight poverty, instead focusing on lies, as though if elected they will bring about transformation by magic or voodoo.” Museveni said.

Museveni added that have nothing much they add to the government since all they do is to oppose government and development programs.

“In the NRM we do not believe in lies. We know that it takes actual work not noisemaking, to transform lives. We need Members of Parliament who understand this and will do the work.” He said.

He added that a farmer in Busoga will not get out of poverty by growing sugarcane on one acre. Instead, we should use smaller pieces of land more gainfully. It explains the four-acre model I keep talking about. ‘I have set up a demonstration farm in Mayuge to guide Busoga farmers on what to do.’

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