Twinamatsiko is a very uncultured and primitive man – Hon. Nsereko

Muhammad Nsereko

The Kampala central Member of Parliament, Hon. Muhammed Nsereko has condemned his fellow law maker Hon. Twinamatsiko for advocating for domestic violence against women.

Speaking to this website morning, the Kampala central lawmaker said that the words Twinamatsiko said are not acceptable in a society that is advocating for women empowerment something which he calls very cruel. According to him, he does not believe in domestic violence and nobody in this era should carry it out.

“What Hon. Twinamatsiko said was cruel, I don’t believe in men beating women and women beating men,” he said.

Nsereko further added that he was disgusted when he saw the video clip that was circulating around and he has since then known how uncultured the law maker is.

“The words he used were not only disgusting but show that he despises a certain gender. It’s barbaric and primitive, it shows you’re uncultured,” said an angry Nsereko.

During the Women’s day celebrations, President Museveni said that any man who beats a woman should be arrested something which Hon. Twinamatsiko rejected saying, “as a man it’s good to touch and beat a woman.” Since then, the video clip of the lawmaker making this statement has been circulating on different social media platforms causing reaction from Ugandans and organizations advocating for women’s rights.

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