Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi asks Museveni to stop ignoring the causes of insecurity.



The Butambala law maker, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi has said that the major cause of insecurity in Uganda is poor leadership and corruption in the country.
While appearing on NBS today morning, Muwanga Kivumbi has said that Museveni is not getting accurate information from the people he put in charge of managing security.

“The president is holding the stick from the wrong side or he gets wrong data bytes. I don’t think he has sat down holistically to see the real root cause of the insecurities,” said Muwanga Kivumbi.

However, Muwanga Kivumbi further adds that the issue of security is not a mere issue that should be handled lightly because it is beyond what the government thinks.
“Here, we’re dealing with a bigger issue, we’re dealing with corruption, a failing system, a judicial system that partially doesn’t work, we’re dealing with state capture,” he added.

Muwanga kivumbi also says that the insecurity in the country has greatly made very many people in the country scared that they can no longer live comfortably in their country without any fear.

“A lot of Ugandans are on the watch and deeply scared, even those who are well to do, you can see the investment in their personal security. We must go to the bottom of this insecurity. AIGP Kaweesi isn’t an isolated case, we have many more cases like Kagezi & the clerics. We’re talking about hundreds of people who have died and a lot needs to be investigated. Are people safe, do you get out of the taxi feeling safe?” said a very bitter Muwanga Kivumbi.

Hon. Muwanga also believes that the only way the government can improve security is by ending corruption that set most of the criminals free without paying for their crimes.

“There’s a big problem, we are problem with the office of the prosecutor. In the local community, criminals are bribing their way out of criminality, they bribe state prosecutors are they’re bribable because they’re poorly paid and facilitated.”

Butambala law maker bitterly said that criminals simply get out of the judicial system and this happens every minute, and at the high level of political interference. According to him, he believes that stopping this injustice is the only way security can be improved in the country.

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