AUDIO ALERT: Weasel set to release another audio with Radio.



The death of Radio might have robbed a star from the music industry but this did not rob his voice from his fans. This is mainly because Weasel has again released another song called “Mbagaliza Kweyagala” which he recorded with Late Mowzey Radio before his untimely death.

The song, “Mbagalazi Kweyagala” which literally means “I wish you to love each other” is not any different from their other songs as it is also a love ballad.

The song is about an ex lover who has moved on and Radio is wishing her and the new found love good luck in their love journey. Radio in the song also says that the ex lover should not panic when they meet because he already accepted that she moved on.

Weasel informed the public that Mowzey Radio left a hard disk with more than 200 songs that he had recorded before his death.

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