Uganda operates like a blind man – Kivumbi 

Muwanga Kivumbi

Butambala lawmaker Hon. Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has equated Uganda’s mode of operation and leadership to a blind man’s trek.

Speaking while appearing on a radio talk show last evening, Kivumbi said that its so unfortunate that government has continued executing its mandate on try and error as if it has no technocrats.

Kivumbi wonders why overtime government has continuously introduced programs (NAADS, Bona Bagagawale, Operation Wealth Creation etc) without surveying their relevance and applicability before wasting taxpayers.

“When I hear this government still proposing new more programs, I just swing my hands and cry because for over time they have proved that most of these projects are mere one man office thoughts that are enacted without making research and at the end of it all, Ugandan ends up losing a lot of resources and money because of some people’s primitive character.” Kivumbi said.

He also wondered why government would propose to take a loan without making proper research on what the loan will do.

Kivumbi internal affairs shadow Minister insists that the rate of recklessness depicted by government officials has left the country highly indebted to anextend that even the unborn children shall have to pay on the some loans that were taken and stolen by Museveni’s government.

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