Swangz avenue and B2C colliding concerts separate musicians

Famous recording label, swangs avenue will be be celebrating 10years of existence on 31st august this year.

However, swangz avenue has organized a concert that is colliding with the B2C music group album launch.


The  collision of the two concerts has caused wrangles and disagreement between the two groups and also musicians have divided themselves because swangz avenue has asked the B2C boys this extend their concert to an earlier or later date something they have refused to do.


“We announced our concert and booked that day before swangz avenue. It is unfair for us to bow down to their demands yet they suggested a day that was already taken,” said the B2C group when asked about their decision to change the date of their concert.


Much more, very many musicians have come up to defend the B2C boys claiming that is a new group and young boys who have just joined the music industry and should therefore be allowed to perform their very first concert.


The B2C concert will be held at Freedom city along Entebbe road while the Swangs Avenue celebrations will be at Lugogo.

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