Investigate UNHCR employee over sexual abuse-Anywar

Investigate UNHCR employee over sexual abuse-Anywar

The Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Beatrice Anywar, wants government to investigate the alleged sexual abuse of young women by an employee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lamwo District.

Anywar told a media briefing at Parliament Monday, 26 March 2018 that Ali Khamis, who is the Head of the UNHCR refugee camp in Lamwo, targets uneducated girls who are needy.

“Khamis has worked in several places and it is suspected that he has sexually abused many girls but they fear to speak up,” said Anywar.

She said that his latest victim was an employee in one of the hotels in Kitgum who was threatened after she reported the case to Gulu regional Police.

“The case was transferred to the criminal investigations headquarters in Kampala because the victim’s life was in danger, and she is now in Kampala under tight security,” said Anywar.

She said that Khamis has been arrested and detained by the CIID in Kampala.

“The case is progressively moving and Khamis will be prosecuted because he has no diplomatic immunity,” said Anywar.

Anywar however wants government to follow up the case and ensure that the victims get the justice they deserve.

“These girls have lost their dignity and their health has been grossly affected,” said Anywar.

She further urged Government to scrutinize employees who work under international organizations to avoid cases of abuse of office.

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