UPDF officer dismissed over defilement

Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti

As its always said that you can send a cow to the spring, but you can’t force it to drink, so does to the Uganda People’s Defense forces officers who are deployed in AMISOM mission. As for others go to defend and fight for human kind, there others that always focus on manipulating their privileges for selfish motives.

On Monday afternoon, a UPDF soldier was dismissed with disgrace from the army after being found guilty of defilement.

Raphael Olinga, who was sent on a peace-keeping mission in Somalia, received his sentence of dismissal from the chairperson of the army court Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti.

He was found guilty of defiling a 14-year-old girl in Somalia, his duty destination, three years ago.

While delivering his sentence, Gutti said the maximum sentence for Olinga should have been life imprisonment. But being a first offender, court decided to dismiss him.

Raphael Olinga


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