Winnie Nwagi asks Vinka to keep within her boundaries while shinning.

Winnie Nwagi

The malaika hit maker and Gyobela musician have trashed rumors about hating each other. According to the artists, they claim that they are on the best terms ever and have nothing against each other.

According to Winnie Nwagi, she says that they are both minding their businesses and she recognizes the fact that Vinka is now the talk of the town.

“It’s her time to shine since she is a new artiste with fans who like her music,” said Nwangi.

However, Winnie Nwagi has asked Vinka and her fans to stay within their boundaries while shinning because she is also one of the top female artistes with fans that she has to impress.

“Vinka should shine and i have nothing against her. However, she should recognize my presence in the music and also know that I am adding more hits. Its better for her to keep her boundaries,” she said.

Much more, Nwagi has asked all those pressurizing her to get married to stay patient because she has not yet found the right man.

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