You should work hard because i wont help you -Apass tells fans.

The popular Dididada musician A pass has told his fans to stop asking him for funds but instead invest in themselves.

While answering questions from fans on his Facebook account, A pass told a fan that was asking for help to achieve his music career that he did not go around begging and should therefore invest in himself.

According to A pass, he worked hard to become the kind of musician that he is right now and so believes that everyone who looks up to him should too work hard and not ask him for support.

“I can’t put a hand on you. Work hard and invest in your passion,” Apass told his fans.

Apass’ reply has caused very many people to condemn him for being selfish and also criticize him for his failure to participate actively in most of the charity campaigns that take place in the country.

“Apass is a good musician but his failure to give back to the people that support him is going to cost him a lot in his career,” said a bitter Fan.

Much more, many other people have used Apass’ statement to compare him to other musicians like chameleon, Bebe cool, Bobi wine who according to the fans are very generous hence their prosperity.


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