Museveni, Kagame are all rebels – MP Kyanjo

Former Makindye East lawmaker Hon. Hussien Kyanjo has described President Museveni and   his counterpart President Paul Kagame as leaders who behave like rebels.

Speaking while appearing on CBS radio talk show on Tuesday evening, Kyanjo made this comment following the meeting between the two leaders held in Kampala earlier this week.

The soft spoken veteran politician said that though there was a meeting and a joint press conference, its not enough to prove the region that there is no rift between the two countries.

“I have belief that President Kagame come to Uganda for public relations matters but I can’t be convinced that there is rift between the two states. There must be another force that forced this event to happen because it was not done for the sake of meeting and proving the public wrong but to appease some individuals.” Kyanjo said.

Kyanjo insists that unlike, that time when Rwanda was more like a part of Uganda, the relationship now is quite worrying since more sensitive bilateral talks are now being swapped between Rwanda and other countries like Tanzania but not Uganda.

“Look at the rail way railway project with Tanzania, regardless of the fact that Uganda is a landlocked country, its systematically understood that it  would be easy for Rwanda to partner with Uganda, but its now in close ties with Tanzania and Sudan, where is Uganda that claims to have helped Rwanda government from day one? Which mega project is being worked on between Uganda and the Kigali government? What was in Kampala was just PR, nothing else.” Kyanjo says.

Kyanjo claims that the biggest reason for the rift between the two states is superiority complex where one government feels to be better than the other.

“Yes we all know that Uganda played a big role to see that Rwanda gets where it is today, but as Uganda continues claiming to be having the best army in the region, its on record that Rwanda has the best spy network. These claims don’t only end in books and newspapers, they go deep in the leadership system where begins undermining the other and this is what is in the region. For this rift to get buried, one of the two leaders has to leave power, then the ground can get leveled but as long Museveni who has a mindset of thinking that he is the only man with vision, other visionary leaders like Kagame shall not dance to that tune and the rift will forever be there.” He added.





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