We will not keep quiet, kill us if you must -Religious leaders tell Museveni

Religious leaders have asked Museveni to stop spying on them because that will not stop them from saying the truth since they are ready to die for the truth.

While appearing on NBS today morning, Bishop Zac Naringye said that the president is scared about the decision made by religious leaders. In this decision, the religious leaders agreed not to support Museveni’s poor governance or dance to his tunes.

“The challenge that Museveni faces is that the church has failed to serve his interests and has stood ground to serve the greater purpose of God,” revealed Bishop Zac.

Much more, Bishop Zac adds that Museveni is scared of the people institutions that are refusing his rule. According to him, religious leaders have been refusing the Museveni life time rule since 2004.

” Uganda Joint Christian Council in 2004 was very clear that the removal of the presidential term limit was wrong but Museveni wanted that and so it got done. Church leaders were loud and clear that the push to remove presidential term limits was wrong,” he said.

Bishop Zac adds that Museveni is currently compromising everything he can access because he is loosing hold of power.

“Museveni can no longer claim legitimacy based on God because authority comes from God. This has happened throughout history, those who yield political power seek to compromise everything when they are loosing hold of power,” analyzed Bishop Zac.

Bishop Zac also says that Museveni should not stop religious leaders from giving their opinion about the events that take place in the country. According to him, all religious leaders have privately spoken to Museveni about his poor leadership but he has instead given them a deaf ear.

“Religious leaders must rightly speak out on education, health care, issues of governance and they do. They have the right to be able to say that because such efforts send us back to the past. They are really concerned that this push by Museveni is taking us to the edge,” he said.

According to Bishop Zac, he believes that Museveni should stop playing with the public views by associating himself with people like Janan Luwum.

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