Nambooze blocking our chance to ‘eat’ World Bank money – Kamya

Betty Kamya

Kampala minister Betty Kamya has described the level at which opposition leaders have spread fake propaganda claiming that the government is in the process of expanding Kampala City boundaries to incorporate the towns.

Speaking while appearing on Capital Gang early this morning, Kamya its unfortunate that some leaders only speak matters without facts.

Kamya noted that there is no plan to expand boundaries of Kampala to the neighboring towns of Mpigi, Wakiso and Mukono.

Ms Kamya also revealed that the country is likely to miss out on the $600m grant from World Bank as a result of “those politicizing the metropolitan development strategies as a way of expanding Kampala”.

“Anybody calling this a bad plan and wanting to politicize it does not wish good for the people of Uganda because the World Bank may easily pull out of the arrangement and we lose this chance of a grant, which is money given out freely to boost development” Kamya said.

The former Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) Party President explained that 3.5 million spend their day in Kampala business district, which she said causes a lot of congestion hence a need by NPA to plan for the metropolitan area as a way of decongesting the city.

She said her ministry is pushing for is the creation of an institutional framework to ensure that such planning is implemented jointly by KCCA and the metropolitan local governments to develop a strategy for the entire Greater Kampala Metropolitan Authority.

“We are saying let other services and infrastructure developments be extended to the metropolitan areas so that people cannot keep coming to the city to look for such services,” she said.

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