Fik Fameica arrested for causing chaos in Jinja SS

Fik. Fameica

The Zina Artist of the year, Fik Fameica was arrested on Saturday for inciting chaos among the students of Jinja Secondary School.

Fik Fameica was expected to present to students who were already excited for his show even before his arrival.

However, Fik Fameica was caught up and had cancelled the show which caused chaos among the disappointed students who were waiting for him.

The students were hence forth forced to strike and asked for their money to be returned. On hearing about this, Fik Fameica decided to go and perform but reached at 10pm. He was refused to perform because it was past entertainment time which worsened the situation.

Due to the chaos, the organizers decided to call police who arrested Fik Fameica and made him pay two million shillings as a refund and three hundred thousand shillings for the property that had been destroyed by the students.

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