Taxing social media is to block news about Museveni’s bad governance -Hon. Ssegona

The Busiro East lawmaker, Hon. Medard Ssegona has said that Museveni wants to tax social media because he is scared of the very many political discussions that take place on social media.

Ssegona also adds that taxing social media is the only way Museveni can stop people from distracting his rile and also disseminating news to his villagers.

” The President is trying to discourage people from the use of social media so that they don’t interfere with his rule, interfere with his villagers, and trying to make sure they don’t get news about him,” he said.

According to Hon. Ssegona, he says that Museveni is mostly scared of the ‘Lugambo’ on social media and this can be seen in most of his letters.

” I’ve been around and I’ve seen many letters written by Museveni. In Museveni’s letters he could use many words but his emphasis is on ‘Lugambo’ carried a lot of meaning to me. He wants to limit people from using social media because there is a lot of political talk,” he analyzed.

Much more, Ssegona adds that it is unacceptable to tax people yet they are already spending on airtime.

“You don’t tax a person who is spending. We’ve already paid tax on airtime and now taxing me on a service I have already paid for! ” said a bitter Ssegona.

This comes after the president suggested that should be taxed so as to widen the tax base. According to him, every Ugandan using social media should be be taxed one hundred shillings everyday.

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