Bryan White refuses to carry out DNA, denies fathering 17year old.

Bryan White, the new Don in Kampala.

The famous Kampala socialite, Brian Kirumira commonly known as Bryan white and popularly known for splashing money around Kampala has denied allegations of fathering a 17year old.

Bryan white has also denied the constant pleas of carrying out a DNA a test to confirm whether he fathered the child or not.

According to Bryan white, he says that he has carried out very many DNA tests and he is tired of the injections.

“I am tired of constantly being injected while Carrying out DNA tests for kids I do not know,” said a very bitter Bryan white.

Much more, Bryan white also says that it is useless to carry out the DNA tests because he is sure that they will be negative and Nabwenge won’t be able to refund his money.

However, Nabwenge Mary still insists that Bryan White impregnated her and disappeared 17years ago.
Nabwenge also insists that she has since then been helpless and was abandoned by Bryan white’s family.

“Bryan white left me pregnant and disappeared. The only thing I have ever ever received from his family was four pieces of clothes for the baby from the grandfather,” she claimed.

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