We shall not tolerate unethical officers – Sabiti

DIGP. Brigadier Sabiti Muzeeyi

DIGP. Brigadier Sabiti Muzeeyi has cautioned officers in Kampala Metropolitan Police on aspects of working professionally and respectfully.

Sabiti made these statements while speaking to the various heads of departments in KMP where he called upon all to command visible authority within their communities, maintain a high standard of honesty, integrity, equity, professionalism, build and sustain a working relationship between the public and the police.

“Building and maintaining trust is the cornerstone of successful policing. It takes a great deal and continuous effort,” Brigadier Sabiti said.

He added that its normally, the good work of thousands of police officers is easily undone by the actions or inactions of one unethical officer.
The indictment of one officer in such a case, will come out as an indictment on all.

“This means there is a need to act, and be seen to act with a high level of integrity so as to regain the trust of the community we serve.” He added.

Sabiti climaxed saying that as the institution is striving to preserve a positive, and ethical image amongst all departments to the public, the public should also cooperate with the force.


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