Mweijukye: Museveni is like a livid bull

Buhweju Member of Parliament Hon. Francis Mwejukye (L) With President Museveni (R)

Buhweju Member of Parliament Hon. Francis Mwejukye has praised the United Kingdom Member of Parliament Hon. Paul William for barking at the president Museveni and calling for his immediate resignation.

Speaking while appearing on a Television Interview early this Morning, Mwijukye described president and his leadership as one of Uganda’s biggest problems.

Mwijukye also noted that the Head of State is like a bull that has become a problem in the Kraal that can only be regulated by ejecting it.

“President Museveni is the only solution to every problem and a problem to majority of us. Locally, if you have a bull that has become a problem, you have to remove it if you want to give a fair chance to the young ones.” Hon. Mwijukye said.

The former Besigye aid added that the statement by Dr. Williams was a wake up call to Ugandans citing that, “our neighbors have realized that we have a bull. If Britons are talking about it, we should have settled it long ago.”

Hon. Mwijukye also condemned the manner in which government is splashing money to locals instead of embarking on social services.

“The government has no money to spend on issues like health but President Museveni has money to give out! I think Museveni has realized that support has gone and he needs to get it back by buying it.” He added.


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