Bobi Wine sets up Carpet making project for Kyadondo women

Bobi wine with some of the beneficiaries

Barely awake after Kyadondo East Member of Parliament lobbied clean piped water to his electorates, this afternoon, Hon. Robert Kyagulwanyi Ssentamu has again launched a fresh woman empowerment campaign.

The campaign going under his #EachOneTeachOne, is aimed to empower women in the constituency to learn Carpet hand making.

According to Bobi Wine, about 500 women are to benefit from the project something that see them get basic needs of life.

“I hope to register 500 women from all Parishes by the end of this programme and I believe that Carpets made could be an income generating source and I trust that these ones from the classes will teach others.” Bobi wine revealed.

Bobi Wine also added, “Just like the majority of youths in our Nation, most men and women are jobless. This reality has lived long enough with us and we all have had a bitter part of the need for a reliable source of income. As I have always said, I believe in a skilled society who in turn use their knowledge and skill to earn a living. As we push our government to make adjustments and accommodate all the youth, men and women with no jobs. I and my people in Kyadondo East will fight poverty with whatever we can. When I got to learn of this new Carpet making technique, I couldn’t resist but bring it to the women in my constituency.”

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