Shut up! Politics in Uganda not your business – M7 aid raps UK MP

MP Paul William with President Museveni

Capt. Mulindwa Birimumaso, the senior presidential advisor on Buganda matters has joined several ruling party members that have thrown their voices to the United Kingdom lawmaker who wants president Museveni out of power.

Birimumaso says Hon. Paul Williams comment on Museveni’s long stay in power is not only unfair but out of his league.

He says the vocal William should stop opening his mouth anyhow on matters that don’t concern him since Uganda is no longer a colony but an independent state.

“If William thinks that Uganda will be shaken because he talked about Museveni, then he is mistaken. The power of who decides leaders stay and exit from power is only by Ugandans not every ‘Tom and Jerry’. He should leave issues of Uganda to Ugandans stop his Samwa samwa. Mulindwa said while appearing on CBS FM on Tuesday evening.


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