Closing Nalufenya is useless when people are still tortured from safe houses – Besigye

Former Presidential candidate and FDC flag bearer, Col. Kizza Besigye has said that  people should not focus on the closure of Nalufenya prison because it is just a building and yet there are very many more other places where people are being tortured from.

“I don’t know why people are paying attention to what IGP Ochola said about closing Nalufenya, it was only a building, there are many places were torture goes on including the many safe houses around the city,” he said.


While appearing on NBS, Besigye said that his struggle from the start was about those who did not want to leave power.  He adds that he was with Museveni in this struggle and is disappointed that Museveni wants to take Uganda back to the war days.

“You can’t have stability without justice, without political, social and economic justice. Mr Museveni went to war, a war that claimed thousands of lives of people because someone was holding onto power, and this is the same thing we’re fighting right now.” said Besigye.

Much more, Besigye adds that Museveni has destroyed many organisations like the health care system which has caused doctors to move to other countries while those that remain in the country are striking.

“The whole public healthcare system is in total shambles and it’s right from the way we train public health workers, how we facilitate them and how we reward them, the doctors and public healthcare providers have been protesting,” said a bitter Besigye.

Besigye further adds that Uganda’s economy is worrying and if citizens do not act immediately, it will completely become terrible and affect the living standard of Ugandans.

” Anybody who really pays a passing attention to what is going on in the management of our economy knows we have reason to worry. We have managers who are master bluffers,” he said.


Besigye also adds that his struggle for the betterment of the country has created a greater positive impact on Ugandans and to himself compared to other people who claim to be fighting for the country.

“All of my adult life has been spent on active struggle in politics, since I graduated, I’ve been struggling and it has had a toll on me but I’m grateful to God because I’ve fared much better than other people,” bragged Besigye.


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