Jack Pemba, the prodigal star who died in his own movie

Pemba withe the Partner in crime

Wednesday afternoon, social media was all about on rampage as embattled tycoon Jack Pemba leaked his own sextape.

In the 7 minutes clip, Pempa films a honey slay queen riding him like a Bajaj boxer.

However the biggest point of the talk has escalated with the type of weapon the tycoon was using to kill the rat.

It is said that he hacked into the facebook account of a city slayqueen Honey Suleman the same woman seen in the video riding him and made dubious comments with aim of slitting the girl’s reputation but as said by African scholar Chinua Achebe, the tycoon died in his own movie.

Pemba exhibits a very tiny dick that’s been described as too small for life. Its nearly unseen in the whole seven part series. Wonder what the woman was moaning for with such a tiny thing? She rides with a look of semi-disgust on her face as the tycoon films the action.

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