Anti – gov’t media Houses should be closed – Museveni

President Museveni

President Yowei Kaguta Museveni has called upon all Resident District Commissioners (RDC) to immediately close all anti-government radio stations.

Speaking during the launch the demonstration farm in Eastern Uganda mid this week, Museveni noted that there media Houses especially radio stations that have over years critiqued government instead of preaching a message that can transform the country.

Museveni appealed that media houses to dedicate sometime to sensitization of the population on the best farming practices that can help eradicate poverty but not politicking all the time.

“Resident District Commissioners put to task the different media houses to allocate time to sensitisation of farmers on how to fight poverty through modern agriculture and those that will not comply should be closed because they are not helping our people.” Miuseveni said.

In the same plea, President also faulted Agricultural Extension workers for not doing enough to train farmers before giving them farm inputs, saying this was a simple job to do.

“I trained peasants on how to use a gun and we defeated a government organised army. How do you fail to train farmers on agriculture that they have done overtime and benefited from,” he wondered.

Responding to concerns about inadequate markets for agricultural products, the President advised farmers should grow crops like coffee that have a high demand on the international market and also endeavour to produce and maintain high quality produce during production and post-harvest handling processes.


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