Kivumbi: Gov’t busy stealing poor Ugandans

Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi

Butambala constituency member of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has described some government officials as conmen over allegations of frustrating Ugandans and the entire economy.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Wednesday evening, Kivumbi said that its unfortunate that our government still have a mentality of thinking that foreigners perform better than Ugandans.

Kivumbi says that government has over years failed to pay local service providers to different public institutions and in the end they cripple local investors.

“There is no way government can transform people’s livelihoods when they are busy swindling tax payers money and even refusing to pay those demanding government on time. Those poor Ugandans who offered different services to government institutions have demanded for their money for close to four years yet the economy they are in keeps on fluctuating on a daily basis.” Kivumbi said.

The famous shadow minister also condemns the fact that some of these people supply furniture, food, fuel, construct roads, hospitals among others on loans but government takes ages to pay them back the money they used.

He insists that the president and his ministers should not only concentrate on collecting a lot of taxes but they should first make the working environment favorable citing that its unfair for a person having a five million shop to pay a monthly rent of one million, even pay extra taxes. ‘This implies that by the end of six month of existence, the shop will have paid will be no more.’

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