Chinese enterprises pledge to create more job opportunities for Ugandans.

Chinese enterprises have pledged to set up more business opportunities in Uganda because of the hard work and excellent performance portrayed by many Ugandans who were awarded today for their extraordinary performance, hard work and commitment by the China Enterprise Chamber of Commerce in Uganda.

The award ceremony that took place at China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Headquarters at Sekiwunga Hill, Kitende, was the first to ever take place in Uganda. It was organized by the China Enterprises Chamber Of Commerce and the Chinese enterprises of Uganda.


“On this occasion of the celebration of International Labor Day, the chamber is prepared to honor 30 excellent Ugandan employees to recognize their outstanding performances and sincere dedication to the Chinese business community. These employees are also honored for setting good examples, learning from role models and striving for better performance among their valued colleagues”, said Mr. Lu Jing.


Mr. Lu Jing, President of CCCC, the Chairman of the China Enterprises Chamber of commerce noted that Ugandans are committed to work which has enable the Chinese enterprises to smoothly work with them and create very many job opportunities in Uganda.

Much more, Hon. Kamanda Bataringaya, the State Minister for Labor, industrial relations and employment who was present at the awarding ceremony called upon investors to open up more companies in other parts of the country so as to create more jobs for Ugandans.

“I appeal to the Chairman Mr. Lu that more companies should come to Uganda and not only open business in Kampala but to other districts because there are also fertile grounds for development and creating of more employment opportunities,”  he said.

The Chinese Ambassador to Uganda however appreciated Uganda for being hospitable and providing a suitable working environment for Chinese businesses.



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