Police resumes operation against traffic violators

Kampala Metropolitan Police Traffic Commander SSP. Norman Musinga

Traffic police has commenced operations against traffic violators in Kampala and surrounding areas.

This follows the completion of a two months engagement with all the concerned stakeholders in the transport sector around Kampala which comprised of sensitization on road traffic, safety laws, licensing of vehicles, upskilling and training lay responders and promoting the use of helmets among motorcyclists.

The engagement also discussed matters to do with respecting road signs, improving on attitudes towards risk awareness, personal safety and the safety of other road users for example avoiding riding on pavements and violation of traffic lights plus riding through one ways.

The operation started on Wednesday this week and the Kampala Metropolitan Police Traffic Commander SSP. Norman Musinga said it would target all riders that violate traffic rules and regulations in and around the city.

However the ongoing operations at major road junctions and roundabouts in Kampala now seek to clamp down those that engage in careless riding, carrying more than one passenger (pillion riding), overloading, riding without permit, crash helmet, insurance and PSV.

This is mainly aimed at reducing road accidents and maintaining road discipline.


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