The Museveni I know, Is never wrong – MP Kakooza

Kabula MP Hon. James Kakooza

Former minister of Health of (Primary Care) Hon. James Kakooza has described president Museveni an incredibly intelligent person.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Thursday evening, the Member of Parliament representing Kabula County Lyantonde District said that Museveni never makes mistakes.

These statements come as his comment towards president Museveni’s move to import Cuban Doctors to the Pearl of Africa.

Kakooza says that Uganda’s health system has multiple challenges that cannot handled by our local doctors whom he described as few, lazy and unpatriotic.

“I want to know that I was minister of Health, but we could deploy some medical offers to upcountry centers like Karamoja and they refuse to go, they all want to work in Kampala and other upon centers as if there no human being that need medical attention in the upcountry side. Let those doctors also get some competition.” Kazooza said.

He also praised the president for coming up with such a wise decision say that he can’t wait to see his other brothers from Cuba to come and provide medical facilities to the People of Uganda.

During the Labor Day Celebrations in Sembabule district on Tuesday 1st May, the Head of State attacked medical personals for frustrating state development due to their numerous strikes something that forced him to resolve to hire foreign doctors from Cuba.

“Government workers must have discipline. On the issue of Cuban doctors that I keep hearing people talk about. Yes, I wanted to bring Cuban doctors because our own doctors behaved very badly and unprofessionally. They had tried to incite doctors to abandon patients so that patients die. But fortunately, many of the doctors refused to leave patients and I congratulate them. It is only the few bad ones that boycotted patients and thought they would create a crisis for Uganda but they failed.” Museveni said.

Furious Museveni, later threatened to go back to the bush once civil servants continue holding him at a ransom.


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