Minister Amongi is another M7 plump ‘private part’ in power – Nyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi (L) Minister Amongi

Following the summoning of the Lands Minister Hon. Betty Amongi to the lands commission of inquire led by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, several Ugandans have furiously attacked the minster.

According to the embattled former Makerere University academician Dr.Stella Nyanzi, described her as someone who has betrayed women across the country.

Nyanzi added that it is not enough to merely have more females in parliament and cabinet but her decision does not represent the masses.

She also noted that though they keep complaining of the huge gap in gender parity in Uganda, some are only empowered only to fill their big bellies with more loot from the public. As better described below.


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