Besigye in Parliament, Not arrested

besigye arriving at the August House this morning. It should be noted that he was not interrupted or even touched but only escorted in. Photo by Ronald Muhinda

Forum for Democratic Change’s former Presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has arrived at Parliament early this morning.

Besigye is expected to address Members of Parliament on the role of parliament or individual in the fight against bad governance and dictatorship.

His once in a while visit follows different efforts being launched by leaders in advocating for peaceful transition of power from President Museveni to another person.

It should be noted that since the day the Uganda constitution was amended in 2017, with a number of lawmakers getting bribed to remove age limit from the constitution, several leaders in Uganda and the diaspora have been putting up mechanisms and designing plans of how to restore the constitution. In this matter, Besigye is lobbying various groups to appreciate the urgency of having a political transition in Uganda.

We shall you updated on what transpires in the meeting.

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