No Foreign Trips for Defence Ministry Officials Over Budget Cuts

Officials from the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) will not be regular on the plane for foreign trips if government does not rescind its budgetary cuts.

According to the report on the committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on the ministerial policy statement and budget estimates for FY 2018/19, Shs8.1bn meant for inland and foreign trips has been cut from the ministry of Defence budget.

“The Committee observed that MODVA budget for the FY 2018/19 has been reduced by Shs.8.lBn specifically on the budget Items of training, travel inland

and abroad,” the report says.

The Committee in its report further noted that the strength and effectiveness of the military is determined by its professionalism and deployment capabilities, therefore any reduction on training, travel inland, and abroad directs affects the effectiveness of the army.

“Therefore, the Committee recommends that government should reinstate the Ministry’s budget by Shs.8.lBn which was originally cut,” the report added.

The Committee also recommended that Government allocates additional Shs39.26Bn and Shs35.6Bn to cater for food and clothing of the Military respectively.

“The Committee observed that the key items that persistently lead to supplementary requests in the Ministry of Defense budget are food, fuel, medical and clothing for the military. Continuous under funding to these items has led to the vicious cycle of domestic arrears since the Army has to feed and dress,” the report says.

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