Man arrested driving Museveni car

Kira Road Police is holding Jeff Kalanzi a resident of Mutundwe for driving a vehicle with forged numberplates.

The 37 year old is also accused of impersonation, extortion and being in possession of government stores.

Driving a Mark II vehicle with number plate marked as ‘M7 2040’, Kalanzi appeared clad in a UPDF attire and a fake walkie talkie.

Two weeks ago, Kalanzi conned a one Ambrose Mworozi of two million Uganda Shillings as facilitation to get an appointment with the NRM SG Hon Justine Lumumba.

Kalanzi always introduces himself as a worker at the NRM Secretariat and a personal assistant to the NRM SG.

The unsuspecting victim paid but was unable to meet the Secretary General on the agreed date until he realised over time he had been conned.

Kalanzi is currently detained at Kira Road Police Station and is to be arraigned before court.

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