Police lacks proper reasoning and concentration – Tamale

Tamale Mirundi

Famous current affairs analyst Tamale Mirundi has attacked the Uganda police force over what he described as failure to fulfil their mandate.

Speaking in a televised interview on Tuesday morning, Tamale said that the problem with the force is that it lacks proper reasoning and concentration in finding solutions to the problems affecting the Peal of Africa.

With putting reference to the 2000s Kibwetere saga that left hundreds dead in Kanungu, an area where the Minister of Security then, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi hailed from, Tamale insist that such indicators reveal how deaths and Kidnaps didn’t start yesterday but have been there and went unsolved.

“Regardless of the fact that some cases have been overtaken by events, the force is generally weak since they have failed to release a mere report concerning the death of many people and this tells you that it will be hard to solve the insecurity problem now. Look at the kidnap and death of Kamama, Muguluma among others, where did they end….. Where!” Tamale asked hitting his head using his right hand.  

Tamale claims that the problem was not General Kale Kayihura or Gen. Henry Tumukunde but the entire government that needs to revise its different mechanisms.

He also described Uganda as the safe heaven of criminals citing that the country has recklessly opened up for every Tom and Jerry something that will continue putting the security at stake.

“In East Africa, tell me which country has the weakest laws, how can you just allow refugees to freely enter the country without being properly screened? Do you know what it takes to enter Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania!! These people have strict rule but is the story here, and how do you expect to combat insecurity?” He asked.


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