I repeat, Besigye is a thief, against Buganda – Bwanika

Dr. Kiiza Besigye and Dr. Abed Bwanika

Former presidential candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika has said he will mobilize the entire country not support Dr. Kiiza Besigye in the next General election.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM, Bwankika said that people have supported Besigye four times consecutively but have never benefited anything from the undying love.

Though Bwanika has personally contested against Besigye, he claims that he has ever supported him citing the 2001 election when he even invested a lot of his savings Besigye’s his campaigns.

Bwanika adds that Baganda are bewitched to support Besigye and abandon their fellow tribe mates.

“People of Buganda are bewitched, whats wrong with us? We are ever behind when leadership matters arise!! Why can’t you learn from Ben Kiwanuka’s experience when he was counter attacked by Dr. Milton Obote who was introduced by his fellow Baganda. He was brought dressed in a Kanzu and welcomed by Buganda but you know what he did to our kingdom. Its on record, Besigye also rejected the reinstating of Buganda kingdom in Gulu but he is the person you are giggling with.” Bwanika claimed.

Bwanika further asserts that Besigye and his Forum for Democratic Party leaders are the reasons why the opposition has been losing elections.

“FDC was given Ushs. 3 billion to guard the votes in the general election countrywide from being stolen but those officials spent less and channeled that money to their personal accounts. They intentionally refused to guard the votes till when they were pinched by the ruling party. Now FDC leaders live a luxurious life, own huge businesses from that money and still need us to vote Besigye for the fifth time, what will he tell us, what new thing will he come with?” He added.

The three times presidential candidate claims that him and his allies are in the move to bring one strong opposition presidential candidate who will out sit the rebellious Besigye who seems not to be exiting the podium.

These comments follow the statement by Mukono municipality Member of Parliament who advised him to stop discussing people’s personality but only embark on how to strength the opposition the struggle.

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