LUKWAGO: Opposition incomplete without Besigye

L-R: Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Elias Lukwago, Abed Bwanika & Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Kampala city Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago has underscored the need for unity among different opposition political dears.

Speaking while appearing on a radio interview early this morning, Lukwago challenged other leaders especially from Buganda region to cooperation with other regions if they are fully determined towards redeeming the Pearl of Africa from the dictator’s hands.

The veteran Council said that the suggestion of having a leader from Buganda region to run for Presidency is a wise move but if there is a claim of isolating profound leaders like Besigye from the force, then its more of waste of time.

“Believe men or not, Besigye is so fundamental in the fight against change in this country, his efforts and influence can’t be taken for granted. If my friends think that they can win presidential election against Museveni by first fighting Dr. Kiiza Besgye then that’s more of a dream. We need Besigye in this struggle.” Lukwago.

Lukwago’s comment was a response to former presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika who had claimed and bragged to kick Besigye out of Ugandan politics.

Abed noted that its high time Buganda stopped supporting people from other regions and concentrate on people from their region. He noted that people have supported Besigye four times consecutively but have never benefited anything from the undying love.

Though Bwanika has personally contested against Besigye, he claims that he has ever supported him citing the 2001 election when he even invested a lot of his savings Besigye’s his campaigns something he can’t repeat to see Besgiye take on the lead for the fifth time.

Bwanika adds that Baganda are bewitched to support Besigye and abandon their fellow tribe mates.

“People of Buganda are bewitched, whats wrong with us? We are ever behind when leadership matters arise!! Why can’t you learn from Ben Kiwanuka’s experience when he was counter attacked by Dr. Milton Obote who was introduced by his fellow Baganda. He was brought dressed in a Kanzu and welcomed by Buganda but you know what he did to our kingdom. Its on record, Besigye also rejected the reinstating of Buganda kingdom in Gulu but he is the person you are giggling with.” Bwanika claimed.


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