Two arrested over car theft

Police has made an operation that yielded to the arrest of two men for allegedly stealing from vehicles parked along city streets.

The operation which led by the DPC CPS Kampala targeted areas around Kiseeka yesterday evening.

This follows massive complaints from car owners about thieves who target cars parked on the road sides and they mainly target side mirrors, lamps and sport rims.

During the operation, police was able to arrest suspects identified as Adam Kiwanuka and Martin Awudeba red handed.

It should be noted that there is also group of thieves who target people boarding taxis around City Square and steal their phones as well as snatching their bags but police has stepped up efforts to arrest them.

The suspects are currently detained at CPS Kampala.

Officers from different units and departments of police met earlier this week,swapped information and tried to patch together possible patterns regarding vehicle part thefts in Kampala.

It was discovered that vehicle parts are easier to take,resell and hide than an entire car therefore investigators are hoping the arrests of such people in separate cases in Kampala might lead them to other suspects.

This form of theft has been termed by most criminologists as a new wave of organised crime .
Car vandalism causes victims long-lasting stress, worry and can cost motorists dear.

If the repairs aren’t made to even small scratches, dents and replacement of stolen parts, the condition of the vehicle will deteriorate which could significantly impact the resale value

This act is extremely unfair but while not all cases will result in a conviction, we strongly advise victims report vandalism to the police.


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