President applauds selfless leaders

Museveni commissioning a Nursing school

President Yoweri Museveni has hailed the spirit of selflessness and voluntarism in leadership. He said that such actions are characteristics of true National Resistance Movement cadres who understand the Movement priorities, agenda and methods of work.

He made the remarks during a Thanksgiving Ceremony for MP Kawoya that was held at Mitete Town Council in Mawogola South Constituency in Sembabule district

The President, who had earlier commissioned Sembabule School of Nursing and Midwifery in Sembabule Town council and the Anifa Vocational and Entrepreneurship Skills Training Institute in Mitete Trading Centre, both of which were put up by MP Kawoya, commended her for being a foresighted leader in establishing educational institutions in her constituency that will produce professionals whose skills are not only on demand in the labour market but which also helps in providing the much needed services like midwifery and nursing in Sembabule District in particular and the entire country in general.

Mr. Museveni also noted that by starting a technical institute, MP Kawoya has ensured that her constituents, especially the youth, will be equipped with practical skills that will enable them employ themselves thereby reducing unemployment in the district. He pledged support to MP Kawoya to ensure success of the two institutions.

President Museveni credited Hon. Kawoya as a reliable National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadre who has all the time stood firm and defended the Movement cause and ideals. He also thanked the people of Sembabule District for always voting her to Parliament and for supporting NRM all the time. He advised Ugandans not to misuse their electoral mandate by voting people who are not devoted to the development of their areas and the country as well.

“Don’t vote MPS whose main pre-occupation is opposing government programmes instead of working with the government and following-up on your constituency development demands. You would be cheating yourselves if you voted for such people,” he said.

The President used the occasion to assure Ugandans that the government will decisively defeat criminals who are masterminding crime in the country especially the recent murders and kidnappings. He appealed to citizens to work with security agents, especially by doing timely reporting of criminals, so as to receive quick response from security.

He added that although the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) is strong and has managed to pacify the country, there have been weaknesses in ensuring urban security as urban centres and their population have drastically expanded. He, however, said that government is in the final stages of putting cameras and other security equipment on streets and highways that will help mitigate urban crime.

On maintenance of district roads, the President said government has given new fully fledged road units to every district in Uganda to enable each of them work on their own roads. He, however, said that districts lack sufficient resources to fuel the road units and asked the Members of Parliament to support him in finding budgetary allocation to assist Local Governments’ work on their roads.

The President appealed to all Ugandans to work towards overcoming household poverty especially through commercial profit oriented agriculture in rural areas. He cautioned the population against continued land fragmentation through primitive inheritance rites that, if not checked and discarded, will see destruction of the country’s agricultural land and make the next generations poor and poorer.

On her part, Hon. Anifa Kawoya thanked President Museveni for the good leadership he has offered the country and the National Resistance Movement that has transformed the country. She also commended him for honouring her invitation to be with the people of Sembabule at the Thanksgiving ceremony. She, however, said that whereas the people of Sembabule appreciate the many achievements of the NRM government, their other outstanding request is to tarmac the Sembabule to Matete road via Mitete up to Kinoni Town Council on the Masaka – Mbarara road.

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