Security beefed up ahead of Martyrs day celebration

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo meets with all security agencies ahead of the 3rd June 2018 Uganda Martyrs Day Celebrations in Namugongo.

While addressing a security meeting today at Namugongo Command Centre, he said that over four million pilgrims from all over the globe are expected to participate in the celebrations at both shrines (The Catholic and Protestant Shrines).

He said that there haven’t been any major security incidents registered previously in regards to this event which has always been attributed to the vigilance of the people and the domination of joint security forces.

However following the happenings in the region, security still anticipates threats of terrorists who target huge crowds, accidents, robberies, rape, theft,disappearances,kidnaps etc.

Different security agencies have jointly deployed a large force of uniformed and covertly dressed officers with maximised specialised skills. These include: snippers, bomb disposal teams,explosive sniffer dogs,fire and rescue services, marines, traffic, tactical response teams that are good at target selection and aerial surveillance.

These joint teams shall screen persons, luggage, check for prohibited materials like guns, explosives, metallic, sharp objects,drugs like narcotics,marijuana, mentally disturbed and unstable individuals.

Kafeero said that preventive deployments around the shrines and their surrounding areas shall be fully manned by police patrol vehicles and motorcycles brigades assisted by foot patrols.

“We are going to deploy teams that shall monitor the neighborhoods, hotels and other surrounding areas which may harbour criminals. These shall be supplemented by the arresting teams which shall be on standby in almost all places and routes around the venue,” he said.

Police has established centres for missing children at both shrines manned by the Child and Family Protection Unit officers supplemented by the lately launched Police #MOBI APP which can be downloaded on .

We call upon the pilgrims, the general public to be more vigilant, report any suspicious persons or objects, abandoned bags and urge the public to follow, respect security guidelines on access control,routes,parking.

Those walking on highways are advised to move as a group to avoid getting lost. Its more advisable that various pilgrim groups identify leaders, share contacts and carry out head counts to ascertain missing persons.

We have put in place toll free lines that can be used to reach out for any help (0800 300108) supplemented by the 999 communication channel.


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