Do not judge Parliament basing on Age limit debate-Kadaga

Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has said the public should not judge Parliament based on the contentious ‘age limit debate’ but rather on the achievements the institution has registered over time in legislation, representation and oversight roles.

Kadaga noted that the age limit sitting was a one-off debate that doesn’t provide a comprehensive measure for assessing the achievements of Parliament.

“It was a unique event; ordinarily we discuss but do not fight. It happened only once yet in places like India, members fight almost every week,” she said.

Kadaga made the remarks during a live tweet chat about the performance of the 10th Parliament in the Second Session.

She explained that despite the friction witnessed during the age limit debate, members work harmoniously.

“The fight did not destroy our relationship. I play netball with the Leader of the Opposition and if you go to the canteen, you cannot differentiate members of the Opposition from those in government,” she said.

Kadaga hailed the achievements of Parliament saying the institution performed well in accountability and representation. She however, decried the high rate of absenteeism among members during committees and plenary where she promised to name and shame the absentees.

“Over the weekend, I worked on the list of absentees and letters will be sent out next week to members who miss Parliament sittings and committees,” she added.

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