Explain persistent land conflict in Apaa-LOP

Winnie Kiiza

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Winfred Kiiza has demanded for an explanation into the persistent land conflict in Apaa Parish, Paboo Sub County in Amuru district.

Land conflicts in Apaa started in 2015 following a move by government to compulsorily demarcate the boundary between Amuru and Ajumani district.  Since then, the tensions have led to continuous evictions of the locals, loss of lives and property.

Kiiza said that despite several directives including one from President Museveni to stop evictions, locals are still being evicted.

“I heard that locals are being evicted to create space for Sudanese who want to settle in Uganda. I support co-existence with our neighbours but this should not be done at the expense of the locals,” said Kiiza.

She accused the First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Moses Ali of reluctantly handling the matter.

“This matter has from time to time come on the Floor of Parliament but every time it is discussed, the Prime Minister puts a cover on it,” said Kiiza.

She warned of continued bloodshed if government does not intervene to solve the conflict.

“I am speaking as a leader who has seen bloodshed from my part of the country because of the mismatch and mismanagement of conflict by government,” said Kiiza.

The Leader of the Opposition was submitting on matters of national importance during plenary sitting on Wednesday 30 May, 2018.

Hon. Anthony Akol (FDC, Kilak North) expressed disappointment over the manner in which the Apaa land conflict is being handled. He said that the issue has been raised on the Floor of Parliament several times but no step has been taken to address it.

“I have not been in Parliament recently because I have been in pain. I even feel like resigning because it is frustrating for me as a leader who has tried but nothing is done,” said Akol.

He also accused the First Deputy Prime Minister of sabotaging efforts to resolve the issue.

“I have reliably been informed that whenever the matter is raised in cabinet, Gen Moses Ali disrupts the discussion, forcing it to be postponed,” said Akol.

The Minister of State for Planning, Hon. David Bahati said that government has resolved that the matter will be handled by President Museveni.

“The matter has been discussed at cabinet level and there is no evidence that whenever the matter is discussed, Gen Moses Ali disrupts and it is postponed,” said Bahati.

The Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah asked government to make a statement on the matter on 31 May, 2018.

“As we speak the issues are ongoing.  It does not look good when speeches are made and no action is seen on the ground to help the people,” said Oulanyah.

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