Bagyenda saga, another gone and forgotten business

Bagyenda and Mutebire

Something that needs less attention and hope is the matter of the outgoing Bank of Uganda’s chief supervisor of Commercial Banks, Justine Bagyenda.

Though the matter went viral in the media and the entire general public, chances are high that nothing is bound to happen due the numerous developments that have sparked all in the aim of diverting the public.

Yes the pressure is tight for the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) over failure to investigate the ‘golden lady’ but still there numerous excuses hyped including threating the media.

It should be noted that FIA was recently petitioned to probe Bagyenda’s huge bank accounts and controversial transactions worth billions of shillings which petitioners said were possible acts of money laundering something that is said to have divided the board. Is there hope that this could finally get sorted or the matter shall stop at writing letters and press conferences?

Several institutions especially Diamond Trust Bank and Barclays Bank have also apologized to Bagyenda over the leaked bank accounts and sacked implicated officials.

“The bank regrets the unlawful act leading to disclosure of our said customer’s information in the media and sincerely apologies to Ms Justine Bagyenda for the inconvenience this regrettable incident may have caused,” Barclays Bank apologized.

Reports indicate FIA board chairperson Leo Kibirango saying the investigation had already commenced but the matter of the side that is bound to be favored still remains between the lines.

Bagyenda, through her associates, says some of the publicized properties do not belong to her on grounds that the amount of transactions was exaggerated but however we still interested in knowing how she acquired the rest of the wealth estimated in billions of shillings.


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