FDC not only won an election but also a war in Rukungiri – Hon. Mwijukye Francis

The Buhwenju county MP, Hon. Mwijukye Francis has said that FDC not only won an election during the recently concluded by- elections in religion but also a war against Museveni government.

While appearing on NBS earlier today morning, Hon. Mwijukye said that government put more soldiers than police officers in Rukungiri which indicates that it was a war.

“What we won in Rukungiri wasn’t just an election, it was a war. We had more soldiers in Rukungiri than police, all the ‘mambas’ were deployed. You would think Kony had resurfaced and was being hunted for,” he said.

Mwijukye further added that the people of Rukungiri embraced the idea of defiance so as to have a rightful leader and also win the ‘war’ in their district.

“For you to get anything out of the teeth of the lion, you can only do that by defiance, the people of Rukungiri know that we didn’t just win an election, we won a war,” he added.

Hon. Mwijukye also analyzed that the members of parliament who voted against the will of the people during the age limit debate will not be voted into parliament and the only way government is supporting them is by giving them security.

Much more, Hon, Mwijukye adds that NRM did not win the Rukungiri election because it was free and fair.

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