Detained Kitagenda begs for forgives, claims to have given his life to Christ   

After being squeezed, grilled and pressed hard on the wall immediately after his arrest, embattled Abbey Kitagenda the former Flying Squad Commandant in charge of Kampala North stationed in Kawempe, has continued to spill a lot of information on his dubious missions executed during Kale Kayihura’s reign.

Kitagenda was arrested late last months at the sister’s place around Kampala while trying to forge some paperwork regarding his plans to escape to Canada.

After the premeditated arrest Internal Security Organization (ISO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) was able to unveil a lot of information some of which is related to the deaths of top government officials like Joan Kagezi and former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi among others.

According to our insider, the notorious Kitagenda who was among the former IGP ‘s blue eyed boys that described themselves as being the State, was fully interrogated and in fear of being tortured/killed, he confessed being part of the team that flagged off the mission that finished the passionate officer 600 meters away from his home in Kulambiro a Kampala suburb.

It is said that in the process of being squeezed, embattled Kitagenda who knew was ‘finished’ went on his knees and promised to coordinate and reveal all the information they want from him as long as they leave him alive.

Squeezed Kitagenda said that all was done on orders from above but he personally had no grudge with whoever was involved in their dubious operations.

In bid to win sympathy from the CMI team, Kitagenda said he has a family and young children to take care of and has even given his life to God. He claimed that looks forward to becoming a redeemed man since all that was done was always a directive from that he could not disobey.

Kitagenda went in hiding after Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested his boss Nixon Karuhanga Agasiirwe and others over several charges including illegal repatriation of Rwandese refugees, murders and robberies among others.


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