Abiriga has been what he is because of good NRM leadership – Lumumba  

Kasule Lumumba

The ruling party Secretary General Hon. Justin Kasule Lumumba has saluted the fallen Arua Municipality Member of Parliament.

Speaking to the hundreds of mourners that had gathered the “yellow man’s” final sendoff at Rhino Camp in Arua district, Kasule described Abiriga as a honest and hardworking party mobiliser.

Kasule noted that Because of the good leadership of the NRM, people like Abiriga emerged from regions like West Nile which no one ever thought would produce leaders.

On a special noted, she also called upon govern to bring to book the killers and all those that might have participated in the fracas caused at Abiriga’s home yesterday that left several things worth millions vandalized.

Yesterday Abiriga’s body was airlifted from Kampala to Arua after a special sitting was held in his honor at parliament and early morning prayers held for him at Old Gaddafi Mosque where the deputy mufti sheik Abdallah Ssemambo called for the compensation of Abiriga’s family and other people who are killed in a similar manner.

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