We ready to die like Abiriga – Pro-Age limit MPs tell Museveni

President Museveni (in a hat) with Violet Akurut (L), Jessica Alupo and Peter Ogwang (R) in Usuk town during the campaigns for 2016 general election(Courtesy Photo)

The ruling party lawmakers much known for spearheading the controversial age limit removal have mourned the fellow lawmaker who was assinanted on Friday evening near his home in Kawanda a Kampala suburb.

Speaking during Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga’s funeral at Rhino Camp in Arua district, Usuk County MP Hon. Peter Ogwang said they are ready to die for truth.

He added that during the introduction of the controversial bill, they were threatened about killings which have now started.

“They said they would kill us, now they have started. They have been threatening us, now Abiriga is gone and I am also ready to die for the love I have for the NRM because I know I am also wanted.” He stated.

It should be noted that on the same funeral, President Museveni said that those who killed Abiriga are using a simple technique of putting on a jacket with a hood.

Museveni wondered police would allow people putting on hoods to move around citing that they are going to ban covering people’s heads while driving or riding.

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