Police confirms, MP Nambooze has case to answer over Abiriga Murder  

Mukono MP Betty Nambooze and Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima

Police have this evening cleared the air over efforts in trying to bring Abiriga killers to book.

According to the press statement issued on Tuesday evening, Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima states that they have already opened up investigations against four people believed to have incited or participated in the assassination of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Col Ibrahim Abiriga and his body guard.

Among the cases that have so far been opened is that of the Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, on the basis of a video in which she explains how easy it is to attack Abiriga even with his bodyguards all around him.

Ploice states that they have also compiled a number of Voice recordings perceived to offensive in breach of the Computer misuse act.

“Already four general inquiry files have been opened at CID headquarters” police states.

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