Poor Kayihura was used, now dumped – Kivumbi


The shadow minister of internal affairs Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi has sympathized with the embattled former Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Kivumbi who made this comment while appearing in an exclusive interview on NBS TV on Sunday night, Kivumbi said that it’s unfortunate that Kayihura was used and now dumped by president Museveni.

The Butambala lawmaker attributes Kayihura’s fall to partisan policing, which he also notes that its being transferred to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) slowly.

“Let UPDF not swallow the same pill that has exploded Kayihura, let them not forget so fast that Museveni’s mission is always to remain Mr. clean one of the reasons why he is now transferring crime preventers to the force after spoiling the entire police force’s reputation and credibility.” Kivumbi said.

He adds that its not shocking because now a lot of the political work is being executed by the UPDF offices something that puts the force’s future at stake.

“I hope you have seen some officers being used during elections, some have even hired goons to terrorize people but we need this issue of misuse of power addressed. Mr. Museveni is so obsessed with power and is still playing with the security apparatus to see that he remains at the top of the game something that kills the sovereignty of institutions.” Kivumbi added.

Kivumbi climaxes that the Makindye court may not be fully credible to handle the matter thereby citing that government can utilize the civil court to handle the case and help the people understand the root cause of the disputes eating up the Pearl of Africa.



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