AUDIO: Kayihura would have killed himself – Tamale Mirundi


President Museveni, Tamale, Kayihura

Senior presidential advisor Tamale Mirundi has described former Inspector of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura as a miserable person who will never get peace again.

Speaking while appearing on Top Radio last week, Tamale said that Kayihura now holds a headless personality that no one can rebuild.

Tamale said that as trained General, Kayihura wouldn’t have accepted to surrender to his enemies just like that.

“If I was Kayihura, I wouldn’t have surrendered to my enemies just like that, I can’t withstand such shame of reaching an extend that even some of your family members can’t even defend you. I would have killed myself rather than getting exposed and undressed before my enemies.” Tamale said.

Tamale said that unlike other Generals that have been arrested by government, Kayihura is the first of his kind to be arrested and everyone in public becomes exited, not even getting bothered about his illegal detention in breach of the 48hour rule.

“I have always told you, I have my medicine that I can take in excess and die instantly, what haven’t I achieved in life? I can’t surrender to my enemies like Kayihura did, can’t you see that he is now finished?” tamale added.

The veteran journalist says that even if Kayihura is acquitted, and reappointed in another position, his political career is now ruined to an extend that most people can’t trust him anymore.

Kayihura was arrested recently by officials from CMI over crimes related to abuse of office and death of some top government officials.

Before his arrested, Kayhura was first sacked from the Uganda Police Force Juicy job but his departure was characterized with excitement and insults including being described as ‘Bean Weevil’ by his boss. Though he was sacked along with the security minister Lt Gen. Henry Tumukunde, the public much pinned and lampooned Kayihura for his miserable fall from the juicy office.


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