“Kyalya is in Her Political Periods” Odonga Otto Tells off Ex-Presidential Candidate

Kyalya with President Museveni

Aruu South MP Odonga Otto has knocked heads with former Presidential candidate Maurice Kyalya after the latter said that her political ambition is to become President of Uganda.

Last week, Kyalya who contested in the 2016 Presidential elections said that she will be next president after President Yoweri Museveni.

“I will be next president after president Museveni.

But for now, my approach is not to criticize the government, but to give alternatives options in the circumstances we are facing now if I were president… I still have a job offer from the President and it’s open because he gave me a contact to call him any time when I am ready, but my dream is to become president,” Kyalya is quoted saying.

This statement did not go well with the FDC opposition MP who reverted that Kyalya is a coward and that, “She is in political periods.”

Kyalya, former presidential advisor held her nerves on Otto’s statement saying that, “That is what freedom of expression is all about…Often constructive but even more often abused.”

“The political climate as it is in Uganda is a time bomb for our nation; not even UK the motherland of democracy has that level democracy with everyone being “elected” by popular ballot I am sure we are soon having elections for biological parents so people can elect who they wish to be their father and mother. We have completed depleted professionalism and we are in very deep waters as a nation. Political strife has taken precedence over welfare; health; food security; education and all other important characteristics. Death has been embarrassed as an ordinary norm except if it’s for an MP or other political person,” Kyalya said.

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